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Our story a miracle

To meet between Eastern Europe, Germany and California and to get married only one year after the first meeting is a real miracle. It was only possible with the help of universal guidance. It happened in 2015 when Brigitte traveled to California as a tourist, driving 2600 Miles by car through the state, visiting Yosemite Park, Lake Tahoe, through Northern and Southern California and finally looking for “San Francisco spiritual” on Google. The San Francisco Meditation Group attracted her. And on September 26 she went to a service there for Lahiri Mahashaya, an old Indian Saint, to celebrate the anniversary of his passing (Mahasamadhi). It was Trevor who gave her a ride. That was the beginning of it all …

As husband and wife we pool our creative potential, our businesses, our personal power, and our capabilities and ideals. Brigitte extends her activity as a book author, publisher, and speaker from Germany to the United States and Trevor develops his business activities as a successful salesman for individual merchandise and also acts as the competent backstage manager for all activities.

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The entrepreneurs and their story, traveling between Europe, Germany, Eastern Europe and the United States of America