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Sasha, pour one more!

With love and vodka through 25 years in Ukraine

It was a balancing act between two worlds – the safe, secure life in Germany on the one hand and the magical attraction of a foreign country on the other. With time, for the German journalist and author, Brigitte ­Schulze, Ukraine became a second homeland. She lived and worked and struggled there for more than twenty-five years. A wonderful story about a love affair with Ukraine and how it influenced a correspondents' life to always new adventures.
ISBN 978-0-9995024-0-2, $12.99 paperback
ISBN 978-0-9995024-1-9, $  9.99 ebook

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Edgy and authentic. Discover why!

Garmisch-­Partenkirchen is a world-­famous, ­charming market town in ­Germany’s Werden­felser Land. Two towns have become a brand name. ­Partenkirchen is ­older than ­Garmisch. The ­double ­identity in the daily life of the two towns can definitely be seen as an advantage. Much comes in twin packs – clubs, fire departments, ­festivals, ­traditions …. ­take a look for yourself at the ski resort of Olympic import­ance, the renowned German vacation destination, and a health spa famed for its good climate, traditional and cosmopolitan, in which an international public plays and enjoys ­themselves. 244 pages with approx. 300 color photos and map ­segments.
Published 2016 at Brigitte Schulze Verlag. ISBN 978-3-9814225-7-3, € 18.99
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Ukraine … for love and curiosity.

Come along with me!

An unusually ­per­sonal and practical travel compendium with ten tour ­routes and many ­encounters with people. Presented on 276 ­pages, with profound background knowledge. It is not only the ­approximately 290 color photos and 20 map segments, the tips, and ­clearly displayed informa­tion ­boxes which still make this book an important companion on a trip to Ukraine but, above all, the chapters about the mentality and people who live there that give the reader a real feel for the country. Published in 2019, Brigitte Schulze Verlag. ISBN 978-3-9818460-3-4, € 21.80
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Odessa … as sparkling as Champagne.

Feel the tingle!

This ­exuberant city has a unique pulse. The international­ity and joie de vivre of its ­popula­tion are legen­dary. In Odessa, ­daily life and ­theater, reality and ­illusion merge wonderfully. The city is a “special case”, as the author ­writes in the ­opening ­chapter. The Black Sea is as much of an attraction, as are the wonderful buildings of the inter­national ­architects who were active here, in ­particular the great opera house. The war in East Ukraine has also left its mark on Odessa. People are ­searching for their ­identity as ­Ukrainians, even though many of them are ­Russian or identify with ­Russia. This wonder­ful book, first published in 2005 and regularly renewed, latest in 2019 at Brigitte Schulze Verlag, 260 pages, contains lots of insider information, more than 250 color ­photos, and map segments. It will remain ­relevant for much time to come. ISBN 978-3-9818460-8-9, € 22.80
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Lemberg … simply delightful. ­

Give it a try!

With this book you will easily find your way through Lemberg’s streets and ­lanes and enjoy the spirit of this old city, ­declared a World ­Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its ­politically turbulent past is imme­diately visible in its ­architecture. And the cake is ­absolutely delicious! By the way, ­Lemberg is only approxi­mately 80 kilometers from the Polish border. ­212 pages 200 color photos and map ­segments. ­
Published 2018 at Brigitte Schulze Verlag. ISBN 978-3-9818460-4-1, € 17.99
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Weilheim i.OB … the Holy Ghost comes later. ­

Activate it!

The site of an ­ancient cultural ­heritage, ­charming, old, ­dreamy, historical, ­tolerant, ­colorful, Bavarian, versatile, ­traditional, ­vivacious, ­musical. Here people live and let live. An enchanting bedroom ­community, and not only for the author!
236 pages, 250 color photos and map segments.
Published 2013 at Brigitte Schulze Verlag.
ISBN 978-3-9814225-6-6, € 18.95
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pili edition presents the very special guide books of the German correspondent and author Brigitte Schulze: about Ukraine, the Ukrainian cities of Odessa and Lviv, the German cities of Weilheim and Garmisch-Partenkirchen as well as "Sasha, pour one more! With love and vodka through 25 years in Ukraine". Exclusively in the United States.