About the Author

"The globe is my world"

The author is a cosmopolitan who loves contrasts. Wherever she lives, she likes to take a closer look, analyze and write things down. This is how her books came about. Out of the curiosity about and the interest in her surroundings and the people – in Ukraine as well as in Germany and finally in the United States.

It is the very personal style of writing with compassion for the people that touches the reader.

Travelling over the globe from Germany through Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, she finally discovers California, fulfilling the mission of building bridges of communication through writing, speaking, teaching and capacity building.

No matter what difficulties she met in the Slavic world – and there where many – she continues to love this part of the globe and its people, and especially in Ukraine. "They are wonderful! And they live in my guide books about the cities of Ukraine like Odessa and Lviv and about the country itself."

Experience it yourself, Order Brigitte Schulze's latest book in English, “Sasha, pour one more! With love and vodka through 25 years in Ukraine” in bookstores or through the Internet. Read how a love story lead to the adventures of a correspondent.

Title of the German original "Sascha, schenk' ein! Mit Liebe und Wodka durch 25 Jahre Ukraine".

Brigitte Schulze is a well known journalist, book author as well as an Eastern Europe Expert. Her guide books about Ukraine, Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Garmisch-Partenkirchen are appreciated. She is a cosmopolitan, interested in all cultures, a speaker and lecturer. As a consutlant her services are available for projects.