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pili edition – that's us, Trevor and Brigitte Pilibosian just married and located in the northern part of the Golden State, California, in the San Francisco Bay area.

Books, culture, travelling and deep communication are our passion. We like to give information and insight in depth to you, our readers. All that is the source of inspiration for Brigitte's writing.

Follow us through this website and read Brigitte's latest book. It' about a love affair with Ukraine …

The latest book – a deep insight

Sasha, pour one more! With love and vodka through 25 years in Ukraine

As a German journalist and book author Brigitte Schulze offers a deep view of the people of Ukraine.

For 25 years she lived and worked in Ukraine. During that time, she became well-acquainted with the Ukrainian people. And she learned to love them. It all began with Seryoscha, whom she met in Kiev, when she was there to learn the language….

It’s a wonderful love story. Order it at book stores or on the Internet and immerse yourself in this delightful story with priceless background information about Ukraine! Published in November 2017

ISBN 978-0-9995024-0-2, $12.99 paperback
ISBN 978-0-9995024-1-9, $9.99 ebook

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pili edition is a publishing house in Northern California, San Francisco Bay area. It presents the new book of the German journalist and author Brigitte Schulze – a deep view of the people of Ukraine. It is a wonderful love story with priceless background information about Ukraine.